Interior House Painters: Reasons to Hire Professionals

Whether you are just moving into a new home, getting ready to sell your current home, or just sprucing up your home with a new color, interior painting is one of the basic, fundamental home maintenance tasks that any homeowner has to do. Because of safety concerns and expertise, many homeowners will hire professional house painters to paint the exterior of a home. But most people assume that interior paint is something they should handle themselves. However, it is increasingly common for Bay Area homeowners to forego the time, expense, and hassle of painting themselves, and hire a professional painting contractor to do the painting. Here are five reasons to kick up your heels and leave the house painting to the professionals.


While the time needed to paint an average sized room can be as little as two hours, there is much more to it than just coating the walls. Professional house painters like those at El Gato Painting recommend thoroughly cleaning a room before applying interior paint, to keep dust and stains from being painted over and showing through. You should also repair any damage to the walls, doors, and molding; tape off all edges; apply primer and multiple coats depending on the color, and then thoroughly clean both the room and your equipment after you finish. Multiply that by how many rooms you want to paint, and you could be devoting days, even weeks to what began as a simple house painting project!


The right interior paint and the proper application procedure can vary depending on weather climate, structural details, previous paints used, and other factors. Knowing the right interior paint and the right application methods for your walls could take a great deal of research. Professional house painters like those at El Gato Painting have years and sometimes decades of experience that they can draw upon to know the right questions to ask and the right details to look for before applying interior paint. El Gato Painting contractors have been working in San Jose and the Bay Area for years, and understand which paints hold up best to the damp Bay Area climates and the harsh California sun. They also know from experience how to apply interior paint to everything from modern green homes to historical Victorian row houses.

Special Techniques

It used to be that you didn’t have may options when it came to interior paint. You just picked a color and went with it. These days, there are so many different possible colors, materials, and finishes that it may seem a little overwhelming. A professional painting company like El Gato Painting can help you decide if you want a matte, gloss, or semi-gloss finish, what colors go well in certain lights, and what colors complement one another. They are also experts at applying professional interior paint techniques like swirls, sponging, popcorn, and faux finish, as well as a number of different textures. If your walls already have texture and you want to get rid of it, painting contractors like El Gato Painting can effectively remove it and give you the nice, flat surface you are looking for.


The key to doing any project right is always in the details. At El Gato Painting they know what details to focus on in order to make the interior paint look perfect. Lack of focus is the enemy of detailed work, and painting your own home with a partner or friends or the TV on, or even after a long week at work can result in lost focus and missing the little things that will make your interior paint job look either perfect or sloppy. At El Gato Painting we are focused on only one thing: painting your home to look as beautiful as possible. We can focus on the work while you focus on your daily life.


No matter how well you plan it, every interior paint job is going to have leftovers. You will end up will leftover paint, extra tarps, tape, brushes, and roller heads. You can either throw it away and add to the local landfills, or tell yourself that you are going to use it for your next interior paint job and try to find a place to store it until it just keeps getting in the way and you throw it away anyway. Painting companies like El Gato Painting buy these materials in quantity and use them every day. Nothing they buy goes to waste because waste costs them money. Hiring experts not only saves you time and hassle, but also space, and helps keep San Jose and the Bay Area cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question among those listed below.

How much will it cost?

Because all homes are different, and each individual job requires different amounts of materials and labor, we cannot give even ballpark estimates for painting without more information. However, if you contact us, we can ask a few questions that will give us enough information to give you at least a general idea of cost. For a firm estimate, we will need to inspect the site and get all the details of the colors and kinds of paint to be used.

How long will it take?

This too will vary based on the amount of work to be done and the number of painters on the crew. Crews can range from two to seven painters, but will usually average three to four. Using crews of this size, most jobs can be completed in about two days. Very few jobs require three or more days.

Do I need to be home during painting?

Not necessarily, but we do recommend it. We prefer homeowners to be around to supervise our progress and to answer any questions. In either case, we do need access to water and power during the job.

Will the weather affect the painting?

For the most part, interior painting is not affected by the weather. Occasionally inclement or severe California weather will make travel to the site difficult, but because we guarantee our work, we take care not to paint on days that will effect drying or paint application.

Who handles cleanup?

We clean up our paint and materials at the end of each day, and do a thorough cleanup at the end of the job.

Do you guarantee your work?

Once the interior paint job is completed, we walk through your home with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied. If you notice any problems or damage at this time, please inform us. The paint should last about eight years on average. We guarantee our work for 6 years after completion, and pro-rate touch-ups and repairs for four years.

How do I pay you?

Payment is due in full to the job foreman at the completion of the work. We will not bill you, so please have payment ready at that time.

What if I have a complaint?

Do not hesitate to call us any time if you have a problem. We will work with you to repair any damage or fix any problem. We have been in business in San Jose and the Bay Area for more than 30 years because we rely on repeat business and good recommendations from our customers. This mean that we want your home to look perfect as much as you do, so that when your friends ask who did the painting, you will gladly tell them – El Gato Painting.