Cosmetic Carpentry Can Improve The Look Of Your House

Cosmetic carpentry from El Gato – another advantage to you of working with a full service painting contractor

In our 37 plus years of working in the Bay Area with homeowners like you, primarily as a residential interior and exterior painting contractor, we’ve been asked hundreds if not thousands of time, “Since you’re here, can you do this?”

And the “do this” our clients have referred to includes such things as:


  • Deck repairs
  • Trim replacement
  • Side door replacement
  • Fence and gate repairs and replacement
  • Interior baseboard and crowns
  • Dry wall repairs and texturing
  • And more

El Gato Painting & Restoration is a full-service painting contractor. Although painting is our core business, our success in working with thousands of homeowners since 1977, has resulted in our developing expertise in a number of other areas, such as those listed above.

Our mission is to serve you, the homeowner, and although we focus on interior and exterior painting, you are still our customer. And we know that if we can help or assist you in solving a non-painting problem now, and you like how we work, when your painting project arises, you’ll think of us.

So if you have a question about, “Can you do this?”, call us. If you ask us about doing something totally outside our areas of expertise, we’ll tell you. And we might even be able to recommend some trusted companies we know in those areas.

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