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Diamond Certified
Karen and Penni Henry
Karen and Penni Henry
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OMG - El Gato Painting did an amazing job on the exterior of our house. They were professional, courteous, dependable and easy to work with. Special thank you to Gustavo and crew, Jesus the project manager and Johnny who was always a phone call away in the office. Ken came out for the estimate and he was professional and thorough and it was an easy choice to pick El Gato for this work. GREAT JOB TEAM!!!
Dorry Found
Dorry Found
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I had my home's interior painted by El Gato Painting company, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The attention to detail and the precision of their work were outstanding. The quality of the paint and their skillful application truly transformed my living spaces. What's more, their pricing was competitive, and the overall value was exceptional. I'm thrilled with the fresh look of my home, and I highly recommend their painting services.
Laura Bergeron-mirsky
Laura Bergeron-mirsky
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The painters were on time everyday, they were communicative, friendly and nice. I felt totally comfortable with them at our house. The office picked up the phone when I called and was helpful. They were really nice about speaking with me about adding on paint swatches to look at. They did an excellent job painting the house. They masked everything that needed masked and the paint job was very neat with clean lines. They patched a pice of wood that had gotten ruined by termites with out my asking. They were extremely helpful when I couldn’t decide what color to paint my front door. They put things back where they belonged (large trampoline at side of house that was moved to lawn for painting) and even put the mulch back along the edge of the house (I had scraped it aside), both with out my asking. I would highly recommend them.
John Garvey
John Garvey
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From Jesus the estimator to Abud and Alberto, the painters, and Johnny at the office, they were all very professional and responsive. The workmanship was excellent and the pricing was good value. I highly recommend them. John G.
Jianguo Wang
Jianguo Wang
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I had a few contractors come to quote the exterior painting project. El Gato was the most reasonable one. The whole process from quote to job finish was handled professionally. Paperwork is available in electronic form for record keeping. The quality of the job was top notch. I would definitely recommend this company and will hire them again for future painting jobs.
Michael Yee
Michael Yee
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Very professional and easy to work with. The whole process from quote to finish was smooth and organized.
David Keefer
David Keefer
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They did a great job for us. They were very careful, paid attention to details, were thoroughly professional from beginning to end, and included some nice extras. The results are beautiful.
Doug Ronald
Doug Ronald
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Great preparation work, replaced some broken trim, and asked about everything we wanted painted before proceeding.

What makes El Gato different from other painting companies?

What makes El Gato different from other painting companies?

To begin with, we understand the value of good painting procedures. We have perfected our 21 Step Preparation Process, over the last 43 years on over 25,000 projects. This is why we give you one of the most extended warranties in the business.

Our Painters Training Program teaches the best application techniques that keep our process consistent.

Painting “The El Gato Way” makes your job last longer, so you do not have to paint as often. This saves you time and money. After all, “there’s no better feeling than a Job well Done.”

  • 6-Year Unlimited Warranty
  • 21 Step Preparation
  • Over 43 years of Great Painting and Satisfied Customers
  • Completion of over 25,000 painting projects
  • Our own employees, no subs

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The El Gato Painting Difference

Contact Us at (408) 446-1171 to learn more about our full range of services.

El Gato Painting has done hundreds of amazing jobs in the Bay Area!

El Gato Painting offers a number of residential and commercial painting and restoration services
in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Los Altos, Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Campbell, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Santa Clara, and the Tri-Valley area.

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Our Secret is in the Prep

Our 21-step “prep for painting” (Hover the following number to read the description)

  • 1 Powerwash: remove dirt, dust, cobwebs, and debris
  • 2 Remove mildew: Check for and remove mildew
  • 3 Survey: Walk around the house with the homeowner and crew to determine what has to be done and how it is to be done.
  • 4 Remove/cover items: Items against the house will either be moved or covered.
  • 5 Minor Pruning: Perform minor pruning of bushes or shrubs if needed
  • 6 Verify paint: Verify the paint used previously to determine the best preparation or if priming is needed.
  • 7 Scrape gutters: Scrape previously painted gutters and downspouts of loose paint.
  • 8 Sand gutters: full sand previously painted gutters or new gutters if they are going to be painted.
  • 9 Remove hooks/nails: Remove hooks and nails approved by the homeowner.
  • 10 Scrape fascia: Scrape and sand loose paint from fascia and spot prime any bare wood.
  • 11 Sand siding: Flaking and chipped siding and eaves will be sanded where needed and spot primed.
  • 12 Sand doors: Full sand all previously painted doors.
  • 13 Sand garage door: Full sand any garage door that is going to be painted.
  • 14 Trench: dig the dirt away from any stucco going below grade and put it back after painting.
  • 15 Fill cracks: patch cracks and holes in the stucco larger than hairline cracks.
  • 16 Rusty spots: Sand and spot prime any rusty nail heads or spots.
  • 17 Water damage: Sand and prime old water stains where the leak has been fixed.
  • 18 Caulk: Caulk gaps around window and door casings.
  • 19 Mask fixtures: Mask off light fixtures and house numbers as needed
  • 20 Mask windows: mask off windows, doors, and concrete prior to painting.
  • 21 Cover plants: Cover plants with cloth sheets prior to painting.
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