Commercial Painting Services in San Jose, CA

Commercial Painting Services in San Jose, CA - El Gato

If you are looking for a commercial painting service, hire a painting contractor that excels in their industry. A diamond-certified commercial painting company, El Gato Painting (EGP) offers the following services:

  • Interior painting of commercial facilities, such as retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, office buildings, and even parking garages, and more
  • Exterior painting of all types of commercial buildings

El Gato Painting has been serving the bay area with professional commercial painting services for over 40 years.

EGP is a full-service painting company that can help transform your commercial property. We work only in the Bay Area. We not only make it a point to know our products and their applications inside and out, but we only use top-of-the-line materials. Our 21-step preparation process gives our work long-lasting durability and allows us to offer our 6-year guarantee.

Whether you are opening up a business or have been in your industry for many years, giving your place of work a fresh paint makes a difference. Amidst the busy life, you’re involved with your day-to-day tasks, letting a professional painter handle the interior and the exterior of your commercial space is the best decision you could ever make.

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El Gato Commercial Painting Services

Commercial painters do their job well, following quality standards they have committed to their profession. They understand better the subtleties of painting a business and a house.

Given that house or residential painters could probably paint in a professional fashion as well, handling multiple and vast commercial paintings is the job of commercial painters. This is because the prep process entirely differs from that of a residential painting job.

Commercial Painting Services

Give your business a fresh look. Whether you have an old warehouse that needs a makeover or an office that needs quality commercial grade repainting, you can count on El Gato.

Our years of excellent work will serve as our testimony in meeting your expectations.

Commercial Painting Services we do:

  • Homeowners Association/HOA
  • Apartment Owners Association
  • Condominium Associations
  • Light Industry
  • Tenant Improvement
  • Property Management

Why Trust Us?

El Gato Painting has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1977 and has perfected 30,000 projects for more than 40 years.

As professionals, we at El Gato understand the requirements of enterprise painting. The quality and safety standards apply in every project that we make. We know that your company’s appearance leaves a lasting impression.

El Gato Commercial Painting

With our help of prep and painting, you can make your property shine! Preserving and maintaining your assets are why we are in business!

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Commercial Painting Success Stories

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El Gato Painting sets the standard when it comes to commercial painting. Many clients shared their stories on how happy they are with the quality and professional workmanship of the company.

We’ve been working with El Gato Painting for the last 15 [years]. Work is impeccable.” – Matt Patacky, Car Shop Owner.

They did a good job doing the colors and doing the back building. They did the whole facility. It comes out great.” – Jim Vaudagna, Storage Owner.

They did a good job doing the colors and doing the back building. They did the whole facility. It comes out great.” – Jim Vaudagna, Storage Owner.

Just knowing that they are going to be on their game is great. That’s why we keep on coming back. It’s like working with family.” – Sue Vaudagna, Storage Owner.            

El Gato 6-Year Warranty

Commercial painting in the bay area like El Gato Painting is cost-effective and value-focused. Our relationships with clients are important to us.

el gato 6-year-warranty

Through our 21 Step Prep-For-Painting Process, we enable our clients for a six-year warranty.

We fix any issue within the warranty period. Within six years, even before the paint fades, you can trust that we will address any problems that you might encounter.

With El Gato Painting, we not only provide good service, but we guarantee quality.

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El Gato Painting listens to client feedback and provides quality commercial painting services. We always understand the requirements, and we assure you that our work is flawless.

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Our experienced and highly skilled painters will make sure to meet your needs and expectations. If you want to have a straight-to-the-point estimate with no hidden charges or equipment fees!

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