Deck and Fence Restoration – Tips for A Successful Project

deck and fence restoration

Most people know wood fences and decks require a lot of maintenance, but few are aware how ways to restore them to their original condition.

In this article, we’ll learn a few tips in restoring wood deck and fence surfaces by painting or staining.

This article could help you understand that there is an inexpensive way to improve the overall appearance of wood fencing and decking without spending a fortune on labor costs.

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Tip no 1. Prepare and Clean the Deck Before Starting the Job

Cleaning the deck does not only mean sweeping and removing unwanted dirt and debris, but it also means clearing or removing organic growth like mildew and molds.

power washing fence cleaning

Here are a few steps that you can apply:

  1. First, remove any furniture, plants, or other items that will get in the way during wood deck and fence repairs.
  2. Examine the fence and the deck for holes and splinters.
  3. Start sanding the splintered spots, then sweep the dust.
  4. Using a putty knife, clean between the boards.
  5. Apply deck cleaner. You can use a water or pressure washer, but you need two to three days for it to dry completely.

Before beginning wood deck and fence restoration, remember to shut off power to everything inside your home’s exterior walls. This is to reduce the risk of electric shocks when wood stripping is taking place.

Tip no 2. Make a list of the tools and materials you need

After cleaning, you can prepare the tools and materials needed for deck and fence restoration. But, first, make a list of the things you need to avoid missing something and interrupt the process.

Here are the primary tools that you need for your restoration project:

  1. Wood stripping paint or stripper.
  2. Putty knife
  3. Wood putty
  4. Orbital sander
  5. Paintbrush
  6. Steel wool pads in all shapes and sizes
  7. Wood deck and fence refinishing supplies.

Tip no 3. Compare prices of tools from different stores and buy the one that fits your budget.

All the tools are available and can be purchased from any hardware or home improvement store. But before buying anything, check your garage or storage area if you have some of the materials, so you will only need to purchase the ones that are lacking.

If you are on a tight budget, visit two to three stores and compare their prices. Some stores may have the same product and quality but different prices. Others may have inexpensive tools but high quality, while a few stores with high-priced ones have low quality.

Tip no 4. Test the Wood’s Absorption ability before applying the stain or paint

If you decide to stain the wood deck and fence, you need to conduct a water absorption test. This is to ensure that the stain can penetrate the wood.

restoring staining deck

  1. Get a cup of water and pour it into the part of the wood.
  2. Let it for 10 minutes and observe.
  3. When the water beads up, this means there are remaining substances that blocked the absorption of liquid. It can be a transparent stain that you overlooked. If such is the case, you have to sand it again.
  4. If the water darkens the wood, then it is ready to absorb stain or paint.

Tip no 5. Maintain a wet edge when applying stain or paint to prevent lap marks.

Lap marks are awkward to look at and can make the whole thing off. So when applying stain or paint, you have to maintain a wet edge or employ the wet-on-wet technique. However, when you run out of paint and have to stop, you can run the wet brush to the unpainted area and brush back the dried edge to blend and produce a uniform appearance.

Use wide brushes at least ¾ inch or a roller to cover the whole deck faster. Do not stain or paint the wood in direct sunlight, making the substance dry more quickly and creating lap marks.

Tip no 6. Get professionals to do the job if you are unsure how to restore your deck and fence.

Wood deck and fence restoration professionals can offer you a wide range of options for wood stripping, depending on the level of damage your wood surface is experiencing. In addition, most companies can provide other services, such as sanding down surfaces before refinishing wood decks or fences.

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When hiring a contractor for wood deck and fence refinishing, ensure they are insured if any accidents happen during work on your property, like professionals from El Gato Painting Services. You’ll also want someone who has wood deck and fence restoration experience.

Wood deck and fence refinishing professionals should be able to provide you with a quote for your project. Make sure that the cost includes all of the materials needed, as well as any labor required.

When you decide on the wood deck and fence restoration services, make sure to read reviews for the company that is usually available online before making your decision. This will give you the peace of mind that assures you that you have hired trustworthy and reliable people.

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