Budget-friendly Outdoor Living Room Ideas


Hosting gatherings at home has become a worldwide trend in light of recent events and safety protocols brought by the pandemic. One thing that you can do is go the extra mile and design a great-looking outdoor space. If you want to have an inviting deck but on a tight budget, you can still do some simple designs. Read below for more budget-friendly outdoor living room ideas: 

Essential tips for outdoor living room design

What are you aiming for? 

Are you looking to have a more outdoor getaway at home or interested in hosting big parties for friends? Identify what you want out of your outdoor living room to finalize your design. You could create an illustration or search online for a ready-made design that you can use as a guide.

What’s the overall theme of your home? 

The final look of your deck must complement the overall story of your interior and exterior design. For instance, if your house has a more contemporary theme, you should go for minimalist materials and accessories. 

How big is your yard? 

Make sure that your yard makes sense with your outdoor living room goal. If you want a space to host family barbeques, see if your yard is big enough for an outdoor dining and kitchen area. Again, you should know your purpose and focus on your aim.

living-room-ideasHow much does an outdoor living room cost? 

Of course, the price of each project differs. But you can set your mind to a starting budget of $300, which can give you a set of chairs and low tables. The great thing about customizing your outdoor space is you don’t have to allot a massive budget just to have an inviting area. All you need is an eye for design and a flair for decorations. 

Outdoor living room ideas

Garden immersion

Turn your yard into a relaxing yet adventurous hybrid space. You can surround your deck with plants of different sizes, and at the center of it is a reading nook where hanging chairs and hammocks are at play; after all, those two furniture pieces don’t look quite as good indoors. 

The combination of a reading nook with a mini garden creates a sort of secret hideout that you can go to when you want to clear your mind over a great page-turner and a nice hot cup of tea. 

Bringing comfort outside

Chairs with detachable cushions have been one of the standard pieces of furniture for an outdoor space. But imagine having a couch outdoors paired with wooden coffee and end tables. You got yourself a minimalist setup that brings indoor comfort outside. 

This type of setup will require less budget, with the addition of outdoor slipcovers to protect your couch’s quality. Another idea you can try is to hang a daybed on your deck, minus the tables. Then, you can still get comfortable seating without breaking the bank too much. 

Fairy lights for serenity

Nothing looks more romantic or intimate than fairy lights. So, adding them to your outdoor living room design can make the area feel homier. Plus, it’s cheaper to buy, too. Imagine being with a loved one, chatting underneath the moonlight and surrounded by calming firefly-like lights. 

The fairy lights go with almost any exterior design. So, you can never go wrong with it.

Outdoor fireplace

A fire pit may look like an expensive addition to your outdoor living room, but if you have a knack for DIY, then this is a fun and cost-efficient project you can try. The setup will be the space’s focal point, so you don’t have to invest in expensive furniture that will encircle around the pit. 

Luxurious throw on a budget

A white canopy paired with sun loungers can give that relaxing beach getaway even without the water. Imagine lounging on a summer day with a milkshake at hand and a book on the other. It’s a cheaper getaway solution but could give you long-term relaxation. 

Maximizing the floor space

A large carpet could be a good idea. It will be an excellent addition to your outdoor living room. Slipper chairs or chairs with low legs paired with a low coffee table over a wide rug give that outdoorsy feel or a picnic vibe, especially if you have a garden in your yard. 

You can also opt for bean bag chairs for this setup. 

Adding a fan 

A big fan that complements your patio design can also be a great addition not only because of its minimalist design but because of its practicality. For example, the air from the fan helps fend off mosquitos and other flying insects, so they don’t disrupt your get-togethers. 

Color ideas

Repainting the outdoor living room may not be an option for many homeowners. Most likely because the exterior paint also covers the outdoor living room. However, there are color ideas you can still try.

For one, you can try adding depth to your outdoor living room by painting over the space’s ceilings. If your exterior design is painted in all white or plain neutral colors, you can cover the ceiling of your outdoor living room with another color. 

You can go for either a darker shade of your overall exterior paint or a different palette. This adds a more playful twist to your patio, especially if your exterior paint is neutral. This also works if your outdoor living room has rafters instead of ceilings. 

You can try complementing the paint with bright-colored accessories or furnishings to add that sort of pop.      

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