DIY Home Renovation Ideas For Inexpensive New Look


Home renovation shouldn’t be expensive and should only involve updating an old design.  It can be done with a small budget, and you’ll end up enjoying the results. Interior design renovation ideas must fit your style and personality as well as your needs.

Read below to know more about DIY home renovation ideas that won’t hurt your budget.

Replacing your flooring without removing them

Removing your flooring can cost you both time and money. And hiring someone to do the job means adding cost. The good thing is, you don’t have to remove your flooring to replace them. Instead, there are removable sticker-like floorings you can use to cover some imperfections. With many design options to choose from, you can pick the ones that match the tone of a specific room. It may be a long project to do but think of the money you’ll save.

Designs to the window area

Putting up curtains is already a refreshing addition to your home. Of course, if you’re already doing that, it means you have more than one set. Check what curtain designs you have, mix and match them, and see how it looks and how it affects the room’s overall appearance. If the result is good, you can consider doing the mix-and-match every time you replace them for a refreshing look. 

With this renovation idea, you don’t have to buy new sets of curtains, which will help you save some money. Remember that the recommended frequency for curtain replacement is every six months.  

Transform your cabinets to transform your room

Most cabinets at home are already built-in, while others are placed in a way that they stay there for long. For this, you can choose to either paint over them or cover them with wallpapers. 

Changing the look of your cabinets with designs that pop is a welcomed addition to any room. You can remove the doors for built-in overhead cupboards in the kitchen to make minimalist shelving without buying new ones.

Going green

If you’ve wanted to take care of plants for a long time now, this may be another reason to nudge you into it. Small additions like indoor plants can provide a breath of fresh air in areas like the living room, kitchen, and even in the bathroom. 

This idea would give your room a new look. The good thing, too, is that there are lots of affordable indoor plants in the market that you can buy. The small, affordable ones can already provide that refreshing feel, so you don’t have to purchase expensive ones.

Put up a mini gallery.

Wall hangings are a classic way to give those dull walls personality. You can hang paintings in all sorts of sizes for that collage-like throw. Check for old paintings from your stock room, and see if you can get something that matches the theme of your room. 

If painting’s not your thing, there are other things you can hang that represent your artistic taste—for instance, movie posters or album art covers of your favorite musicians or old family photos. Think of your walls as a blank canvas, ready to be designed on.

Steps that pop

If you possess that artistic sense, or maybe someone in the family has, you can paint over something in the house. There are other open canvases you can paint on aside from the walls, one of which is the steps of the stairs. You can paint on each step with different designs for that assorted look. It may take time, but it is an enjoyable DIY project to do. Plus, the designs are limitless.

Repaint your walls

The beauty of repainting walls is how it completely changes the tone of a room. You can go from minimalist neutral to vivid bursts of colors quickly with this trick. You can plan for an excellent color to put on your for that new-color project. 

Another thing you can also do is paint one room with a particular palette and then paint another with a tone that contrasts the other room to create this sort of illusion that your rooms each have their world. 

Pro-tip before you try the renovation ideas

It’s best to do a sort of spring cleaning first before making minor changes to your home. Cleaning your space will help you decide what stays and what goes. If you declutter, maybe you’ll have more room for newer things like additional cabinets. 

You can also use this time to move some stuff from room to room or rearrange the furniture. Doing this can quickly provide that refreshed look without spending any money yet. You can even throw a garage sale for your items and use that money to buy the things you need for the renovation ideas listed.

Decide when to hire professionals.

If you’re planning to repaint a room but have no experience in painting or does not know how to give it a smooth finish, then it’s best to seek the help of professionals before picking up that brush.

El Gato Painting has provided excellent painting services in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than four decades. They have enough experience to provide you with renovation ideas. 

With professionals from El Gato Painting, you can repaint any part of the house with the color that best suits your preference, using innovative techniques like the 21-step preparation process and more. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hurting your budget because their services are affordable. 

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