Commercial Building Repair: A Guide for New Commercial Owners

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Commercial buildings require constant maintenance and upkeep, which is why owning them has bigger responsibilities than you might think. If you’re a new owner of a commercial property or planning to invest in one, this guide will help you with everything you need to know about commercial building repair.


What is a commercial building?

Any building with spaces for rent to other individuals, companies, or entities is considered a commercial building. They are much more extensive than residential establishments and can be used in different ways depending on the type of businesses that operate inside. 

How important are building repairs? 

With a huge number of people coming in and out and doing lots of services in such establishments, commercial buildings require more maintenance and upkeep to continue providing safety and convenience. 

Some damages may seem minor but can cause serious problems when not fixed immediately. For instance, a simple crack in a window can break and cut someone, or worse, make a big enough hole where someone could fall through. Other problems, like leaky pipes or structural cracks due to old age or earthquakes, can go unnoticed too, and they can cause damages that will take time to fix. 

In addition, doing regular commercial maintenance and upkeep will show how much you care about your tenants and may encourage them to continue renting your space. 

Commercial building repair costs

The costs for commercial building repairs vary depending on the property and its needs. Some projects may be simple, like fixing a broken window or replacing old carpeting, while others may require more extensive work like repairing cracked walls. 

Common building repairs or repairs that don’t involve any major fixes can cost roughly around $400 – $600. Repairs that require more people and more equipment will cost more than that. The costs are high, but repairs are necessary to keep all businesses inside your building in excellent spaces so they won’t lose any clients, and you won’t either. 

Common repairs for commercial buildings

If you’re planning on investing in a commercial building, expect some of these maintenance and repair projects: 

  • Broken windows or doors
  • Carpeting replacement or installation
  • Leaky pipes or water damage correction
  • Interior or exterior paint touch-ups  
  • Fence repair or replacement
  • Light installation or repair
  • HVAC system repairs or maintenance services

Pro-tip when hiring a professional contractor for your commercial building repairs

If you have a knack for doing repairs, there are minor projects you can do. But when it comes to commercial properties, it’s best if you hire professionals to do the job for you. Plus, there are projects that owners should never try to handle on their own. For instance, dealing with an electrical problem requires the expertise of an electrician because they have the proper training and tools. Plus, they will know how to keep themselves safe while doing the job. 

Other projects that should be handled by a service provider include roofing, plumbing, and installing or repairing HVAC systems. 

When hiring professionals, building owners should consider the following factors:


Always hire someone within the vicinity of your property or someone at least an hour away. Any recurring problem after repair can be investigated by the contractor and can be worked on immediately. 

Experience and quality

Before settling in on a service provider, look for their previous projects on other similar establishments and assess if their work will fit your needs. Professional service providers know how dangerous other repairs are which is why they have insurance to cover the risks that come with their work. So look for ones that have mandatory insurance to take good care of workers should any accidents happen. 

The repair budget 

Communicate first with service providers so they can identify what your property needs and come up with an accurate quote before you set a budget. A commercial building repair may include cleaning, new constructions, and remodeling services, which may add to the cost and go beyond your planned budget. 

Don’t pay in full unless the team finishes the project. Of course, remember to pay in full if it’s done. 

Keep a paperwork

Always secure a contract before letting a service provider conduct a repair in your building. By keeping a contract, you can have proof of what project should or should not be made. Make sure that you also have up-to-date records of the projects to keep track of your compliance with local commercial codes and regulations. 


Owning a commercial building is a big responsibility, especially in maintaining its quality. You may not be able to do every repair by yourself, but the best thing you can do is always keep a close eye on your property so you don’t miss even the slightest damage and always partner with quality service providers only. 

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