Modern Commercial Building Design Tips


modern-commercial-building-designGreat design is one of the many aspects that make a successful commercial space. But design doesn’t only mean painting the walls white and calling it a day; there are more to consider for a commercial space to be a success. 

Here are a few commercial building design tips that go beyond just looking pretty:

Designing for safety and accessibility

Your commercial building design should be people-friendly. Create a safe and comfortable space that considers all types of living conditions. For instance, you may have a client living with a disability, so make sure that there is less obstruction in their path. 

Invest in ramps and lifts that help people with disabilities venture into your space better. Study the demographic of people coming in and out of your building to help you create a design that best suits their preferences.

Additionally, you can opt for underfloor cables and other wiring solutions for everyone to walk through your space without tripping on wires.

Adaptability for time

Interior design constantly changes over time. Make sure that your commercial space is adaptable to any design changes. A business may demand more space while growing to accommodate more customers and employees. 

One example is the use of big open spaces that are split by temporary walls that can be disassembled easily to connect rooms and customize according to the business’ needs.

Design with personality

Interior and exterior design is an extension of brand tone. It helps homeowners or commercial space owners communicate what they believe in through colors or patterns. 

If you’re designing for your commercial space, make sure that you utilize a design related to your brand image. For instance, professional interior design offices tend to go for minimalist neutral palettes and patterns that communicate their expertise in smart solutions for houses or commercial spaces.

If you own a commercial building and offer spaces for rent, you can take a similar approach. You want customers and their customers to feel homey and yet feel like they’re in a professional place.

Having a design with personality helps give that lasting impression for people that go in and out of your commercial building.

Eco-friendly designs 

Eco-friendly spaces are becoming increasingly popular these days, both residential and commercial. Such designs offer a sort of breathability for customers and employees in their aggressive city life. 

One thing you can do is bring nature into your space by adding indoor plants in every corner. Some commercial building owners invest in rooftop gardens that are not open for smokers to offer a momentary escape for people taking a break. 

Another thing you can do is to have big windows that allow natural lighting inside your commercial space for people not to feel secluded inside the building.

A welcoming lobby

Comfort should be at the forefront of commercial building design. One way to maximize comfort for guests or employees is through a lobby that doesn’t feel intimidating but rather inviting to people. 

Invest in ergonomic furniture pieces like couches and coffee tables that help visitors or employees wait in comfort. Lobbies are powerful areas in every commercial building because they can help people leave a great first impression. 

Quality and timeless materials

Choosing materials or furniture pieces stuck in a particular time or setting will get old eventually. Instead, opt for durable materials and can fit any interior design. Some of these materials that go well in any theme are metal and rustic wood. 

Exterior color ideas

Select colors that appeal to your target audience and invite them to come in, at the same time, speak the voice of your brand tone. For instance, a more professional target audience prefers neutral colors more.

The environment where your commercial building is can also affect the exterior color. One example is the prominence of vivid colors in coastal areas for that tropical finish. For commercial buildings in cityscapes, they are mostly designed in neutral for that minimalist modern look. 

Take Away

A commercial building design is an intricate process that can provide an awe-inspiring experience. Always prioritize safety and comfort for visitors and employees while staying timeless and ready for any changes over time. 

Finally, color plays a huge role in commercial building design, whether interior or exterior. Always go for colors that speak your brand tone and that appeal to your target audience. 

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