How to Ventilate a Room while Painting?

how to ventilate a room while painting

Do you have plans to beautify your room?

Then you must keep yourself from inhaling paint fumes.

Once you start painting, the fumes of the paint will begin to mix with the air you breathe in. So, you should know how to ventilate a room while painting. You can open windows and doors, or you can also use venting tools and equipment in your house.

open doors and windows to ventilate

In this article, you will learn a few ways that will help you ventilate a room.

Different Ways to Ventilate a Room While Painting

  • Open the Windows and Doors

When you plan to paint a room, you may have questions like, “how to get better ventilation in a room while painting?” And the most common way to do this is by opening windows and doors while you paint to encourage constant airflow. This allows the foul air to go out and let the fresh one come in. If the painted rooms have windows and other openings to help the room ventilate, you have to open them.

  • Use a few Box Fans

If your room has no windows, you can do air ventilation for a closed room. Open the door of the room and place box fans. Direct it to the open door for the fresh air to get in, and the bad air comes out.

  • Ducted Rangehood

If you are painting your kitchen, your ducted rangehood could help. It is like a powerful exhaust fan that can help you get rid of paint fumes quickly. It will filter the room’s air and can keep it clean while you are painting.

This technique is also applicable when you are painting a nearby room or opposite room.

  • Turn on the house ventilation system.

Most of the modern houses and buildings have a central ventilation system. If you have installed a mechanical ventilation system, you should turn it on for a steady clean airflow into the room.

If you have vents in other rooms, you should close them to force more air into the space that you are painting.

Additional Tips on getting rid of Paint fumes faster after painting

  • Place Buckets with Water

This may not be the usual way, but you can use buckets filled with water and place it in the newly painted room. The water will absorb the paint fume and help get rid of the odor quickly.

  • Get a bag of activated charcoal.

You probably heard about how powerful charcoal is in eliminating unpleasant odors. It absorbs the unwanted smell and traps it. While regular charcoal can work the same way as activated charcoal, the latter works faster because it is more porous, which would serve as spaces for bad odor.

  • Set bowls of White Vinegar around the newly painted room

Vinegar carries acetic acid, which is responsible for neutralizing the molecules that carry unpleasant odors. So, if you place a few bowls of vinegar around the room and let it sit overnight, you can expect the strong paint fumes to go away.

  • Place cut onions

One of the things in your kitchen that can help eliminate paint fumes is onions. Though onions also have a foul odor, it turns out that they produce chemicals that fight the chemical from paints that produce strong fumes. That is why some homeowners use this trick and place a few cut onions in the corners of the painted room.

Why do you need to ventilate?

Paint fumes will last for a few days after painting, so you have to make sure to ventilate while you are painting to lessen the chance of the odor staying in the room.

As mentioned earlier, paint contains harmful chemicals that may lead to serious health issues. That is why you have to protect the air you breathe while you paint and after painting. Painting a room without ventilation will make the fume stay longer, and prolonged exposure to it may lead to irritation to the skin, nose, throat, or eyes.

How long should I ventilate a room after painting?

smelly paint fumes

Ideally, you need to wait for 24 hours for the paint odors to go away before you can stay in a newly painted room.

Though it may depend on the type of paint used, you must ensure that the harmful fumes will be eliminated. Make your judgment when checking if the fume isn’t already there, then you can put back your things and stay.

If you want to shorten the waiting time before occupying the painted room, you should choose a paint that contains no VOC or low VOC.

Professional contractors, like the ones at El Gato Painting Services, are familiar with all the paints with fumes that won’t stay long.

For painting jobs, you can call El Gato Painting Services. They’ll prepare everything for you, including the right choice of paint. They are even well-knowledgeable about how to ventilate a room while painting and after finishing the job.

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