Beauty In Simplicity: Tips For A Modern House Design


modern-house-designA modern house design is more centered on simplicity, showcasing a great interior through a less-is-more approach, favoring clean lines and neutral palettes from wavy patterns and loud colors. Modern homes may seem backward in terms of looks, but their focus on functionality and breathability brings a charm that most traditional houses don’t have. 

If you’re planning to modernize your home, here are some tips to help get you started. 


Minimalism plays a big role in a modern house design; this is why most modern homes have that clean look. To get this, you have to start with decluttering. Decluttering for a modern home doesn’t just mean removing things you don’t need lying around; decluttering will include decreasing the decor in the walls, countertops, and other surfaces in the house for that less-is-more clean feel. 

Space solutions

Modernist homes utilize more open spaces, which is why decluttering is an important aspect of a modern house design. The use of built-in storage solutions is also prominent, with cabinetry and other similar storage fit-outs designed with a simple detail, like open shelves and flat slabs. 

Having an open space in areas like the living room or kitchen, with less obstruction, allows for breathability at home. 

Remodeling the window

There are different materials to choose from for a modernist window, like wood and aluminum frames. At the very least, the windows have to be huge. Connectivity to the outside world is a big factor in a modern house design; this is where big windows come into play. Big windows are excellent additions because they allow natural lighting inside and offer more scenic views to the homeowners. Some go as far as adding a skylight for extra light and a calming view of the clouds. Overall, having bigger windows will provide breathability as most modern houses have. Others incorporate tall windows that stretch from floor to ceiling to maximize openness.

Clean lines

A modern house design will always incorporate clean lines for simplicity and sophistication. Clean lines in texture or pattern, like solid horizontal or vertical, stripes, and geometric patterns are ideal for that sophisticated architectural detailing. 

Lines can also be incorporated into furniture pieces. For instance, a couch in the living room with no curves in the backrest or armrests looks better in a minimalist space. 

Modern art 

With a design centered on minimalism, hanging artworks may sound contrasting, but they do complement the simplicity of a modern house design. Works of modernist artists, like abstract paintings, are perfect for such an interior because they contrast traditional house designs; channeling the aggressive loudness of the usual interior designs into little frames. 

Outdoor lighting

Transforming into a more modern home can also be translated well in the exterior. If your house has been designed with a more traditional look, there are still ways to transform it. One of these additions is adding outdoor lighting. You can get fixtures with clean lines that complement the ones that you have indoors for a consistent look. In addition, they must have the same light color as what you have inside, whether white or yellow. 

Minimalist garden

Plants in the yard are a perfect addition for breathability at home. A minimalist garden offers that connection between nature and home while complementing a modern house design. Plants you can add are tree aloe, cycads, reeds, grasses, birch trees, and more. 

The right color

Neutral colors are perfect to maximize the simplicity and breathability of a modern home. You can choose shades of white or grey in both the interior and exterior of the house. Neutral colors are also functional because it helps the natural light bounce from wall to wall inside the house. 

The same goes for the exterior. Whereas, colors black, grey, and white are the right choice. Wood is also acceptable.

Bright or bold colors are welcome but as accents and not as solid colors for a room. It’s all about preference, but just make sure that the color you choose complements the minimalism of your interior design. 


In a way, modern homes are more practical and stylish despite their lack of loud interior design features. At first glance, a modern house must include neutral colors, clean lines from patterns or textures to furniture pieces, large windows that connect the homeowners to the outside world, and finally, spacious rooms that have been decluttered for that minimalist throw. 

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